We have a very exciting tourism initiative taking place in our area!
Pierce County Economic Development (PCEDC) is working with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Tourism Research Institute to complete a research project with the goal of attracting greater tourism exposure to Pierce County.

Part of this project includes gaining a better understanding from community members on the local perceptions of tourism in our county. Local residents are invited to this special input session to help them answer the question, “How do you see Pierce County growing as a place for people to visit in the future?”

Ellsworth Community Meeting on Tourism
Thursday, April 4, 2019
Ellsworth High School Library (323 W. Hillcrest Street, Ellsworth)

All are welcome to attend this free community input session! We ask that you also spread the word to your neighbors. We’ve made sharing and inviting friends and family easy through our Facebook event here.

What does Tourism have to do with Ellsworth’s revitalization initiative?

Over the past two years, Pierce County has shown increases in consumer tourism spending. Yet, Pierce County ranks among the lowest in consumer tourism spending in the state. That means there’s nowhere to go but up and we have some great potential in this area–moving the needle in even a small way will mean millions of dollars funneled into our local economy! In addition, the same assets that attract tourists are what also make our community a great place to live and enhances the quality of life for local residents. That makes tourism a win-win for everyone!

As if we needed another reason to be proud of our community…

A recent study by financial technology company SmartAsset set out to find where people are donating the most money. The study measured how much people donate as a percentage of their net income, and the proportion of people in a given county who made charitable donations.

Pierce County ranked 6th among those donating the most in Wisconsin!

Thank you for having such big and kind hearts! You’re what makes our community a great place to live, work, and raise a family. With your help, we’re moving our community forward!

You can learn more about the study, including the methodology, here.