When talking about community revitalization, it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed. Where do we begin? Where do we find the money? How do we know if our ideas are good ones? This is why I’m falling in love with the concept of tactical urbanism.

Tactical urbanism is an umbrella term used to describe a collection of low-cost, temporary changes, intended to improve local neighborhoods and city gathering places. These efforts can be led by governments, non-profits, grassroots groups, or frustrated residents. The result? Better informed decisions. Consider it a sort of low-cost “practice run” for an idea.

Examples of tactical urbanism can greatly vary based on the needs of the community. Pedestrian plazas, parklets, painted crosswalks, public art, placemaking, and pop-up bike lanes are some fun examples.

But even tactical urbanism can feel overwhelming for a ‘newbie’ (which goes against the entire idea of it). Thankfully, The Streets Plan Collaborative pulled together pulled together this nifty how-to guide with a lot of great tips and tricks! Take a gander and get inspired…

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