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A big thank you to David Clarey, RiverTown Multimedia, for covering the Design Ellsworth Community Input Session on behalf of the Pierce County Herald. The event took place, Friday, October 19 at the Ellsworth Elementary School.

Design Ellsworth Input Session

Close to 275 community members attended the event. Attendees broke into groups and worked through thought-provoking questions such as, “Ten years from now, what’s one thing about Ellsworth you hope to brag about?” and “What should be Ellsworth’s next great community space?”

Design Ellsworth Answer Cards

Community members discussed many ideas. Some very specific such as a coffee shop with a drive-thru or a family restaurant, while others were more general in their wants, and curious to see how the event would unfold.

Design Ellsworth Input

Several participants mentioned the desire for a multi-functional property. This space would accommodate a new and larger library, senior center, teen hangout, and community center. Members of the Design Team commented on such a space being multi-purpose and a smart use of space. Since all groups would tend to use the space at different times (i.e. Seniors during the day, teens in the afternoons and evenings, the community on the weekends, etc.) the entire community would be served by the one location, making the space affordable for the community.

Design Ellsworth Community
Answers to the questions were all written on large pieces of paper and displayed on walls throughout the gym. Attendees then showed their support by voting with sticker dots. As a result, it was clear which items were the most popular.

For the full story from the Pierce County Herald, please click here. 

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